Stop & Shop Leans in on Promise to Fight Hunger with $1 Million Donation


Now more than ever, it is important that we are all good neighbors. At Stop & Shop, we believe that all 400+ of our store locations are a part of the neighborhood and it is our duty to be better neighbors. We are always working to build healthy communities by helping fight hunger and supporting the members of our communities. 

We’ve worked within our communities to launch food pantries for school children, allowing them to succeed in the classroom and in life. Additionally, we’ve supported the efforts of local food banks in their efforts to fight hunger in all of our communities and we are always working to provide food security for local families and children. 

The novel coronavirus has affected our global community in many different ways, but it is not only having an impact on the physical wellbeing of our communities; the virus has also affected the financial wellbeing of many families. This strain on financial wellbeing has led to an increase in demand for many local food banks. In response to the increase in demand, and as an expression of our commitment to be better neighbors, Stop & Shop donated $1 million to our local food bank partners to help support the efforts to feed our communities. 

The donation helps support the food banks as they assist small business workers who may not be compensated during temporary closures, children without access to meals at school, older Americans who are most vulnerable right now, and existing clients who currently face food insecurity daily. 

The donation will be divided among our long-time regional food bank partners:

  • Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Rhode Island Community Food Bank
  • Worcester County Food Bank
  • Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
  • Food Bank of CT
  • Foodshare
  • Food Bank for Westchester County
  • Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
  • Fulfill
  • Food Bank for NYC
  • Community FoodBank of NJ
  • Long Island Cares
  • Island Harvest

 This one-million-dollar donation is an expression of our commitment to being a better neighbor and helping to eradicate hunger in our communities.

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