Stop & Shop Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions by Switching 40 Stores to Clean Energy


Did you know that one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is electricity production? Investing in clean energy is an important step to facilitate the global transition to clean energy and help improve the climate crisis. 

That is why Stop & Shop partnered with Bloom Energy to transition 40 stores to servers to provide clean, reliable, 24/7 electricity in an AlwaysON Microgrid configuration. This switch ensures each store will have access to power in the event of a grid power outage, allowing Stop & Shop to show up for their communities when they need us most.

Because Bloom Energy Servers receive their natural gas or biogas fuel through the underground pipeline system independent of the local grid, they are significantly less susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather than overhead power lines. This feature enables Stop & Shop to remain a resource for customers to buy emergency and everyday items, particularly when severe weather strikes.

The partnership allows Stop & Shop to better serve their communities and to reduce carbon emissions. This solution could reduce Stop & Shop’s carbon emissions by over 15,000 metric tons per year. That’s the equivalent of removing 3,200 cars from the road! 

We bet you’re wondering how this works, right? 

Bloom Energy Servers convert natural gas or biogas fuel into electricity without combustion, using solid oxide fuel cell technology (to put it simply: electricity with virtually no air pollutants). The servers also do not use water in normal operation, which is projected to save the freshwater system over 1.6 billion gallons annually. 

This initiative joins other Stop & Shop sustainability partnerships aligns with the company’s continued commitment to reduce its environmental impact and to be a better neighbor and a responsible community resource. Learn more about Stop & Shop’s commitment to caring for the environment at

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