Uluabat Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Uluabat HEPP and Cinarcik Dam Project is an integrated project located on the lower basin of Orhaneli Creek, one of the major branches of Mustafa Kemalpasa River. It is built within the scope of Emet Orhaneli Project developed by General Directorate of DSI (State Hydraulic Works) for utilizing the water potential in Marmara Regions. The Uluabat HEPP project has installed capacity of 100 MW and expected to generate 422.6 GWh as per the license however due to the use of water for other purposes, it is expected to decrease to 373.03 GWh in 2021 and 323.653 GWh in 2028 in parallel to GWh. The project activity therefore, by displacing relatively carbon intensive grid electricity with renewable hydroelectricity, reduces GHG emission that would have occurred in the baseline.




Project Type

Alternative Energy


Verra Verified Carbon Standard

Emissions Reduction

199,467 tCO2e/year
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