Partner Spotlight: Rhode Island Tree Council


The connection between trees and the air is undeniable. They’re our opposites, taking in harmful carbon dioxide and releasing clean oxygen into the air. However, between the emissions from manufacturing, transportation, and many other sources, we’re putting more CO2 into the air than trees can process out. This is why efforts have increased to plant more trees and seek out ways to offset carbon emissions.

At Stop & Shop, sustainable efforts come, in part, from Restore™ partners. Organizations like the Rhode Island Tree Council have already helped immensely. 

With a motto like, “trees are cool,” it’s easy to see why the Big Tree Conservation Program, from the Rhode Island Tree Council is such a natural fit as a partner for Stop & Shop.

The Big Tree Conservation Program works with big trees, but maybe not in the way you think. A “big tree” is based on the size of its root ball, not the tree’s final height. Trees with large root balls are hard to move and hard to plant, yet they have significant benefits. They provide valuable shade, capture pollution, and absorb noise. As these trees age, their worth only increases.

According to the Big Tree Conservation Program, big trees offer, “an average of $65 in energy savings, cleaner air, better-managed stormwater, extended life of programs, and higher property values.” Investing in big trees can help make an environmentally-positive impact on an urban community. Their ability to take harmful CO2 out of the air can help reduce the level of damage we unintentionally put into the air by simply driving our cars each day.

Supporting organizations like this is easier than you may think. As more companies become conscious of the part they can play in environmentally-friendly practices, the more opportunities you have as a consumer to shop smart. Stop & Shop makes it simple every day for you through the Restore™ program. 

Reducing tailpipe emissions by 30 percent across all grades of Stop & Shop fuel, all you have to do is fuel up at a Stop & Shop fuel location and know your tailpipe emissions are being reduced through Restore™. With locations across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Stop & Shop has already offset over 39,000 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s equal to the amount of CO2 emitted from 6,500 average-sized cars. Learn more about how you can participate.

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