Partner Spotlight: Arbor Day Foundation


Stop & Shop Restore is a proud partner of Arbor Day Foundation (ADF). ADF is a nonprofit organization that focuses on conservation and education. 

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Since 1972, ADF has become the most expansive nonprofit membership organization that is dedicated to planting trees.

To date, the foundation has more than one million supporters and has planted more than 250 million trees globally. 

Through ADF’s many extensive programs, they are able to impact the world with a global reach and network of committed patrons. Every time you fuel up at a Stop and Shop, the Restore program gives back to the local community. Through the use of national, regional, and local partnerships, the program works to reduce each customer’s carbon footprint. Their ultimate goal is to plant 100 thousand trees in their local markets.

Due to natural disasters, many residents are left with destroyed greenspace and damaged trees. Through the Community Tree Recovery program, residents can receive free trees to plant in their own yards. This program has helped millions of citizens of disaster-stricken towns to recuperate the beauty in their communities and rebuild the ecosystem once there. Since the start of this program, more than 5 million trees have been distributed!

Along with their national efforts, ADF raises awareness for tree conservation around the world. The Rain Forest Rescue program empowers local communities to take action towards the conservation of rainforests. This is incredibly valuable to not only the nearby communities affected, but the entire world, as rainforests provide vital ecosystems and green space. 

Trees in Forrest

To learn more about ADF’s mission and how you can protect our environment, visit their website. 

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