4 Steps to Begin to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


What is a carbon offset and how can you make an impact? A carbon offset is the reduction, destruction, or capture of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2). Despite this seemingly daunting definition, both individuals and companies can effectively counteract the amount of carbon they create by altering their daily practices. Offsetting carbon can help ease your impact on the environment while identifying new ways to become a more eco-conscious citizen. 

Carbon offsets apply to many greenhouse gases, and remediation can occur in numerous ways. Here are four ways you can contribute daily and make a difference. 

Reforestation: Planting trees and participating in sustainable forestry practices increase the natural storage of carbon in the environment, and can be as simple as starting in your own backyard. Check out this list of trees native to New England that will thrive in this specific climate.

Cut down on waste: Two of the most effective ways to reduce your waste output is by composting and recycling. Also, shop smarter to reduce your waste by buying in bulk and supporting brands that offer reusable or refillable packaging

Save energy: Simple changes such as switching to LED lightbulbs is a given, but implementing systems such as at-home light sensors and tankless water heaters save money and serve as highly efficient upgrades to traditional options. Also, opt for energy efficient appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances that use less energy and water. 

family doing laundry

Support eco-friendly companies: Fuel up with Stop & Shop. With the help of national, regional, and local partnerships, the Restore program plants trees and invests in carbon reduction projects to reduce emissions. 

Together through our daily actions, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Taking a simple audit of your day-to-day habits can reveal numerous ways to reduce your waste, save energy, and take the extra stride towards sustainable living!

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