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RestoreTM is dedicated to giving back to our communities and reducing each customer’s carbon footprint with the help of our national, regional, and local partnerships.

Carbon Reduction Projects

Wind Park Vader Piet Project


The purpose of the project is to utilize the wind resources of the area. The project directly abates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from thermal power plants currently using fossil fuels operated in Aruba.

Cookstove Project


This project mitigates climate change caused by the combustion of unsustainably harvested biomass through the provision of fuel-efficient stoves to families to cook with. The stove also helps to reduce pressure on the local woodlands.

Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Project

Nebraska, USA

This project will create jobs and bring in tax revenue throughout the life of the project. When the third phase became operational in 2016, Prairie Breeze I, II and III started to provide more than 300 MW of energy to the MRO eGRID.

Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project

Indonesia, West Java

The project activity is the generation of power using a reliable and renewable resource in place of power generation by a more greenhouse gas intensive fuel/source. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through the displacement of fossil fuel electricity generation.

Vishnuprayag HEPP Project


This project is harnessing the steady waters of the Alaknanda River and generating low-cost, emissions-free electricity for the surrounding communities in Uttaranchal. Most importantly, unlike other large hydro projects, Vishnuprayag did not displace local citizens or disrupt communities.

Dağpazarı Wind Power Project


This is an onshore wind power project with 39 MW installed capacity which is located in Turkish Province of Mersin, southern Anatolia. The project contributes to the development of the Turkish wind energy sector.

KMSPL, VCS Wind Power Project


This project will meet the power requirements of small and medium scale industries using the electricity generated from the Wind Turbines and thus reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainable development.

Kocaeli Landfill, GS Project


This project activity involves, preparing the landfill area for collection of LFG, recovery of LFG gas and utilization of the recovered LFG through gas engines to generate electricity.

Ningxia Angli Lingwu, Photovoltaic Solar


The project will generate electricity by using renewable solar photovoltaic power to the NWPG and replacing equivalent electricity generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants connected to the NWPG.

Henan Xinxiang 24MW Biomass Project


The project consists of the installation of cogeneration plants based on biomass residues, the generation of electricity supplied into Central China Power Grid, the generation of heat, and the utilization of biomass residues for cogeneration of power and heat.

German Coal Mine Methane Project


This project effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thereby contributes to the mitigation of climate change. In addition, the build-up and pooling of methane within mines are prevented and the risk of explosions removed.

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